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When you need an age and gender discrimination attorney for Bowling Green, Ohio, turn to Francis J. Landry Attorney. Just like discrimination of any other form, age and gender discrimination is unlawful. Many employees wrongly believe that workers are not protected from discrimination until they reach 50 years old. In reality, workers who are 40 years old are protected under Ohio discrimination laws. If you believe that you have suffered age and gender discrimination at work, call (419) 351-1683, or contact us online.  We will provide you with a free consultation and fight for your equal rights.

Age Discrimination in Bowling Green, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

Naturally, employers rarely admit that they discriminate based on age, because such conduct is illegal. Instead, supervisors commonly offer some pre-textual excuse for why a younger employee received favorable treatment. Nonetheless, you might have a gut feeling of discrimination because of your age. Here are some common examples of possible age discrimination in Bowling Green, Ohio, and the surrounding areas:

  • I am getting wrongfully fired because of age.
  • I got passed over for a promotion given to a younger employee with less experience.
  • My boss fires older employees first.
  • My boss keeps telling me to enjoy retirement.
  • My job makes staffing decisions based on my age.
  • The company I work for does not hire older people because they want to maintain a younger image.

Francis J. Landry Attorney Fights All Forms of Gender Discrimination

Oftentimes, some employers make decisions based on their belief that women should have specific roles in society. Some employers demonstrate gender discrimination by making female workers do what they deem as “woman” tasks. Gender discrimination in the workplace is unjustifiable, and companies cannot add non-essential job requirements to weed out women. At Francis J. Landry Attorney , our firm will fight against all forms of gender discrimination in the workplace. Employers everywhere should treat all employees the same regardless of gender.

Age and Gender Discrimination Can Happen Anywhere

In today’s society, age and gender discrimination do happen. People can end up quitting their job because of how they are treated. Here at Francis J. Landry Attorney, we are proud to provide legal help for age and gender discrimination in:

Perrysburg, Ohio
Fostoria, Ohio
Sylvania, Ohio
Maumee, Ohio
Oregon, Ohio
Findlay, Ohio
Defiance, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Ottawa, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Lima, Ohio

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Francis J. Landry Attorney takes great pride in providing clients with the help that they need. We know that issues pop up in the workplace, and we have the experience to tackle them. Our law firm proudly provides the following services:

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