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When you need an employment rights lawyer for Toledo, Ohio, contact Francis J. Landry Attorney. We hold employers accountable, whether it is a small family-owned business or a Fortune 500 company. It may seem like you are always at the mercy of your employer, but you have rights in the workplace. No matter what position you hold, you are entitled to fair treatment.

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Your employer is responsible for ensuring fair treatment for every employee. Fighting an employer can be intimidating. However, with a powerful law firm like Francis J. Landry Attorney you will never feel alone. Give us a call today if you need the following services:

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Any workplace in or around Toledo, Ohio, should be safe. Unfortunately, some workers are subjected to unfair conditions by their employers. In situations like these, employees may not know their rights or may be afraid to speak out in fear of retaliation. At our firm, we handle a variety of employment rights cases. Our law firm possesses the knowledge, dedication, and experience to represent workers in Northwest Ohio. If you believe your employer violated your rights, contact us today. We take great pride in serving our clients in the following locations:

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