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Are you looking for a sexual harassment lawyer for Sylvania, Ohio? If so, give Francis J. Landry Attorney a call. Your workplace should be somewhere safe and comfortable. When other employees make sexual advances, this mindset can quickly disappear. Sexual harassment continues to be a severe problem in the workplace. In federal context, sexual harassment is discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Are You Experiencing Any Symptoms of Sexual Harassment?

Victimization in the workplace is a challenging thing to go through. People experience a wide range of emotions and feelings of helplessness. Here are some symptoms of sexual harassment in the workplace:

• Anxiety
• Decreased Work Performance
• Depression
• Loss of Trust
• Traumatic Stress

When Sexual Harassment Occurs Around Sylvania, Ohio

You can know what to do when sexual harassment in the workplace occurs in Sylvania, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Francis J. Landry Attorney takes great pride in providing top-notch legal advice to the following locations:

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Our law firm prides itself on the versatility of our services. Along with sexual harassment help, We are proud to provide the following services:

It Can Be Challenging To Understand If You Have Been Victimized

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It can be challenging to apply the definition to a particular situation. Below are some examples of common sexual harassment situations:

• Verbal harassment: Consistent sexual and lewd comments.
• Non-verbal harassment: Leering, staring, or obscene gestures.
• Visual: Shown pornographic or indecent photos, pictures, and more.
• Physical: Unwanted touching or sexual advances.

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