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For an employment discrimination attorney for Fostoria, Ohio, look no further than Francis J .Landry Attorney. If you feel like you are being treated differently because of who you are, you may have a discrimination case. Employers cannot fire anyone because of their race, religion, or other personal choices.

Francis J. Landry Attorney is here to fight for your rights in the workplace. If you think you have a discrimination case, call (419) 351-1683, or contact us online for a free consultation.

Have You Been Discriminated Against in Fostoria, Ohio, and Beyond?

Workplace discrimination comes in various forms. It may be challenging to determine the cause of discrimination among all of the emotions you face. We proudly represent victims of workplace discrimination in and around Fostoria, Ohio. Here are some common examples of employment discrimination:

• Age and Gender Discrimination
• Disability Discrimination
• National Origin Discrimination
• Race Discrimination
• Religious Discrimination

Residents in Fostoria, Ohio, and Beyond Can Suffer Discrimination at Work

Employment discrimination has become an all-too-common thing in recent years. Residents of Fostoria, Ohio, and the surrounding areas may go through it. Francis J. Landry Attorney takes great pride in helping the following locations fight discrimination:

Perrysburg, Ohio
Fostoria, Ohio
Sylvania, Ohio
Maumee, Ohio
Oregon, Ohio
Findlay, Ohio
Defiance, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Ottawa, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Lima, Ohio

Our Law Firm’s Services are Second to None

Francis J. Landry Attorney prides itself on providing many services and offering the best legal service available. Since our inception, we have developed a strong reputation in and around Fostoria, Ohio, as a trusted law firm. We are proud to provide the following services to our customers:

Do Not Brush Off These Serious Acts

Even if it may not seem worthwhile, a workplace can worsen if you do not pursue these issues. Do not feel threatened in a place where you should be comfortable. Francis J. Landry Attorney is here to make your voice heard. Our clients’ needs are critical, and we will go above and beyond the call of duty to meet them.

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