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For a minimum wage and overtime attorney for Fostoria, Ohio, come to Francis J. Landry Attorney. Wage and overtime violations can and do occur in any occupation throughout Ohio. Some industries show up repeatedly with unpaid overtime and other wage issues. These problems can cause certain businesses to miscalculate any unpaid labor, leading to a decline in company morale. In other sectors, workers are frequently forced to work off of the clock or become subject to improper pay deductions. If you have fallen victim to any wage and overtime violations, call (419) 351-1683, or contact us online. Our firm will provide you with a free consultation.

Minimum Wage Cases in and Around Fostoria, Ohio

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) requires each state to enforce a minimum wage law. In Ohio, an employer that does not fulfill that obligation can be sued for back pay and monetary damages. With almost no exceptions, employers must compensate every full- and part-time hourly employee in the state with the minimum wage. Here is how employers in Fostoria, Ohio, and the surrounding areas may violate minimum wage laws:

• Falsify timesheets
• Make working unpaid overtime a condition of keeping a job
• Falsely classify employees as managers or independent contractors
• Never tell employees that they are eligible for the minimum wage
• Steal tips or improperly pool tips from “non-tipped” employees
• Switch employees from hourly status to salary
• Tell employees that they only work for tips

Francis J. Landry Attorney: Securing Unpaid Overtime for Our Clients

Most employees who get paid hourly are eligible to earn overtime pay after working 40 hours. By law, the overtime rate is at least one-and-a-half times the employee’s hourly rate. If your employer has denied you fair compensation, contact Francis J. Landry Attorney today. Employers commit wage theft in many ways, including:

• Failing to record and report all hours worked
• Falsely classifying workers as contractors instead of employees
• Taking away tips
• Deducting pay without proper consent
• Telling tipped employees that they are not eligible to earn overtime
• Falsely classifying employees as exempt when they are not

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