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Find a race, age, and gender discrimination lawyer for Maumee, Ohio, at Francis J. Landry Attorney. Our law firm fights for the rights of employees facing discrimination based on race, age, and gender. Discrimination in the workplace takes many forms, and we have the experience and skills to fight it.

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What is Gender Discrimination in the State of Ohio?

When we talk about gender discrimination in Ohio, we often mean sex discrimination. This classification refers to someone who has faced adverse actions as a result of being male or female. The term “gender” is more of a social construct and refers to someone being a man or woman. Gender discrimination can exist in the following situations.

  • Applying for a job
  • Eligible training determined by your employer
  • Equal pay
  • Getting fired from a job
  • Job assignments
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual harassment on the job
  • Whether or not you get a promotion
  • Whether or not you face layoffs

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Race, age, and gender discrimination is an all-too-familiar thing on the job today. If you feel like you have suffered from inequality in the workplace, call Francis J. Landry Attorney. We are proud to serve Maumee, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, including:

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We Are Proud to Provide Help for Various Employment Situations

At Francis J. Landry Attorney , we understand that employment issues happen in various forms. Our versatility makes us the area’s trusted employment law firm. Please call us today if you have experienced the following cases:

Race Discrimination in and Around Maumee, Ohio

It is unlawful for any employer to treat an applicant or employee unequally because of their race. Unfortunately, although both Ohio and federal laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace, some still suffer discrimination. Call us if you were harassed at work, denied a promotion, or turned down for a job because of your race.

Our law firm will fight for you and protect your rights in Maumee, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Francis J. Landry Attorney: Fighting Office Age Discrimination Since 1976

If you believe you have fallen victim to age discrimination at work, contact us today. Ohio state law prohibits discrimination against an employee or job applicant based on age. Ohio law also prohibits retaliation against an employee that results in demotion or termination. The state also allows the employee to make an age discrimination claim through the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC). At, Francis J. Landry Attorney we are committed to assisting employees who have been subject to age discrimination in the workplace.

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