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When you need a severance and discharge lawyer in Perrysburg, Ohio, call Francis J. Landry Attorney. Ohio is an at-will state, which means that employees do not work under a contract. People are free to accept and leave employment whenever they wish. Likewise, employers can fire employees for any reason. Although Ohio law does not require severance packages, some employers do offer them.

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Standard Severance Provisions for Perrysburg, Ohio, and Beyond

Many times when employees get severance agreements, they do not know what to expect. There are some standard provisions included within packages in Perrysburg, Ohio, and beyond, including:

• Confidentiality clauses
• Ineligible for re-hire clauses
• Non-compete clauses
• Non-disparagement clauses
• Release of claims/waiving the right to sue

Although some of these clauses may seem unfair, they are not necessarily illegal. Employees should know what employers cannot include in severance packages to ensure the one they get is legal. Companies are not allowed to ask employees to waive their right to file a discrimination complaint. However, they can require in the agreement that employees waive the right to financial compensation if they file these complaints. Severance packages are highly time-sensitive, and our staff will help you get them done quickly.

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We take great pride in providing our clients with many services, in addition to severance and discharge agreement advice. The versatility of our services makes us the area’s most trusted law firm. Francis J. Landry Attorney is proud to provide our clients with the following services:

What Is a Discharge Agreement, and How Does It Occur?

When both parties agree to end a contract, the agreement gets terminated under mutual consent. There are multiple ways in which two parties can come to a mutual discharge agreement, including:

  • Novation: Substituting a new contract in place of the previous one.
  • Alteration: The parties involved agree to change one or more of the original terms.
  • Remission: One of the parties has accepted less than the initial offer.
  • Recission: Some or all of the terms have been canceled. Mutual consent and failure to perform obligations can cause this situation.
  • Waiver: When a waiver occurs, one of the parties has abandoned their rights to the contract.
  • Merger: Mergers occur when there is a meeting between an inferior and a superior.

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