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What If I Use All of My FMLA Leave?

To handle family medical leave problems in Tiffin, Ohio, come to Francis J. Landry Attorney. If you work for public agencies and local educational agencies, you are eligible for FMLA leave. While on FMLA leave, you may not be ready to return to work for medical reasons and more. If you are not sure what to do in this situation, call us at (419) 351-1683. You can also contact us online for a free consultation.

FMLA Prohibits Interference and Retaliation in Tiffin, Ohio, and Beyond

Although it is the best practice for employers to be sympathetic to their employees’ needs for FMLA leave, there are occasional issues. The results can profoundly affect the employee during an already difficult time in their life. Fortunately, FMLA prohibits employers in and around Tiffin, Ohio, from interfering or retaliating against employees for exercising their rights. Here are examples of interference and retaliation with FMLA:

Interference: These cases can range from discouraging employees from using medical leave to denying leave entirely. Interference can also occur if the employer fails to reinstate the employee after returning from leave.

Retaliation: Businesses cannot treat employees differently because they have exercised their FMLA rights. The use of medical leave cannot be used as a negative factor in any employment aspect.

Francis J. Landry Attorney Provides Legal Options for FMLA Problems

Anyone who gets denied FMLA should call our office today. Francis J. Landry Attorney has fought for FMLA cases for more than four decades. We take great pride in getting our clients what they deserve. Our law firm exceeds the call of duty to help serve our clients in the following locations:

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